Billing Terms and Conditions The Platform is a transactional platform that allows users to communicate and interact with others independently. Dittofix is not, and never will be, a participant to any transactions or disagreement between Users.
You offer all commercial/contractual conditions, which are solely agreed upon by you and the buyers. Dittofix does not negotiate, advise, regulate, or participate in the offering or acceptance of contractual matters between you and purchasers in any way. Flipkart makes no claims or guarantees about the specifics of the products or service intended to be marketed, proposed to be sold, or acquired on the Marketplace (such as quality, value, or salebility). Dittofix does not encourage or condone the purchases and sales of any goods or services on the Marketplace, either expressly or impliedly. Dittofix disclaims any responsibility for third-party errors or omissions in relation to the products and assistance. Dittofix is not liable for just any non-performance or violation of any contracts made into between you and your customers. Dittofix does indeed not guarantee that the transaction(s) you and the purchasers involved will be completed on the Platform. Dittofix will not, and will not be compelled to, mediate or resolve any disputes or disagreements that may arise between you and buyer. Dittofix does not come into or take possession of any of the products or services given by you, obtain title to, or even have any ownership or obligations over the products and services offered by you to the buyer at any time throughout a sale between you and a buyer on the Platform. Dittofix will never have any right, title, or interest in the items, nor will even have any responsibilities or commitments under such a transaction. Dittofix is not liable for substandard or delayed service performance, damages, or delays caused by out-of-stock, unavailable, or back-ordered items. The Platform is just a tool that you may use to reach a broader consumer base and offer goods or services. Dittofix merely acts as a conduit for communication, and it is understood that any contract for the sale of goods or services will be completely bipartite for both you and the customer.
You expressly renounce any claims you may have in this regard under any applicable legislation and relieve and protect Dittofix and/or any of those executives and officials from any expense, loss, responsibility, or even other repercussion of any of the conduct of the people on the Internet. Despite its best efforts, Dittofix cannot be responsible for the information given by other users and made accessible on the Site.

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