Cement Tile Hardener (CEF05)


Paver Hardener (DM) is used to increase the hardening process of concrete.

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Paver Hardener (CEF05)

Dittofix is a manufacturer and supplier of Paver Hardener (CEF05) Chemical.

we are a leading company in Paver industries in India. we provide all paver Products, paver blocks, chemical hardener, concrete mixture, color mixer machine, paver vibrator table.

Dhalai Master CEH05 is Use in:-

  • Block Paving 
  • Cement Tiles
  • Paving flags
  • Kerbs tones
  • Building blocks and Bricks
  • Fly Ash Brick
  • Advantages
  • Fast Setting
  • Easy Releasing

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Weight 250 kg


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