Yellow Oxide Cement Colour


Yellow Oxide colour is a highly in-demand compound in the Construction Industry. the uses of yellow oxide colour in construction Industries to colour the concrete blocks, paver tiles, Interlocking tiles and etc. Dittofix manufactures the Best Quality Yellow Oxide for Our Clients and it’s stakeholders.

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Yellow Oxide Cement Colour

we are manufacturer of oxide cement colour, Concrete Mixture Color.

We manufacture and suppliers the best quality Oxide Colours in India. Yellow oxide coloured powder for mixing with cement and water to create a workable mixture and laying on concrete floors/surfaces to create smooth, coloured & durable aesthetic looking floors/blocks for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. yellow oxide mix with cement and make a slurry mixture and then

A Decorated area made of Dittofix Yellow Oxide can withstand repeated washing with water.

  • Dittofix Yellow Oxide is highly suitable for colouring of cement tiles, Block, Interlocking tiles production,
  • paver blocks that decorate the luxury houses, Garden, pathways, Cycles lanes,  bus lanes.
  • Blocks and Tiles is a key product of the construction industry


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