Return and Discount Strategy
* All items recorded under a specific class might not have a similar return/substitution period. Benevolently look at the particular thing’s pertinent return/substitution strategy on the item page.


Return Period after Conveyance or Establishment according to vender standards.


Return Period after Conveyance is relevant on the off chance that item gotten is Inadequate or harmed or not as portrayed.

Assuming that you have gotten a harmed or deficient item or on the other hand in the event that it isn’t as portrayed, you can raise a substitution demand on the Site/Application/Versatile site inside the pertinent Returns Strategy period. In an intriguing occasion of the substitution being faulty/harmed or not as depicted on the item page, a full discount will be given by the merchant once they get the item.

View rundown of all non-returnable items here.

For items where establishment is given by

Kindly don’t open the item bundling without anyone else. approved staff will help in unpacking and establishment of the item.

The return time frame for such items initiates from the date of establishment.

Brings Handling back

Assuming you’re confronting any issues with an item bought on, we will help by checking and attempting to determine your item issue as a component of the return confirmation process. The Issue goal steps might be imparted to you as self improvement, or with help over call or an Aajjo work force might visit your place. The vender will sort out for a substitution in the event that the issue has not been settled.

Issue goal steps will be accessible for items like mobiles, tablets, PCs, huge machines, hardware, home apparatuses, furniture and so on.

In the event that the item isn’t available or has been for all time stopped, the discount for the whole item or part(s) of the item will be given by the merchant.

Returns Get

If there should arise an occurrence of profits where you would like item(s) to be gotten from an alternate location, the location must be changed if get administration is accessible at the new location.

During get, your item will be checked for the accompanying circumstances.

Flawless Item

The item ought to be unharmed and with next to no scratches, gouges, tears or openings.

Unharmed Bundling

Item’s unique bundling/box ought to be unharmed.

Definition: ‘Discount’ is characterized as the activity of offering back the thing bought by the Purchaser to the Dealer on the site. Following circumstances might emerge:
Thing was flawed
Thing was harmed during the Transportation
Items was/were missing
Wrong thing was sent by the Dealer.
Return could likewise bring about discount of cash in the greater part of the cases.

Focuses to be noted:

Merchant can constantly acknowledge the return independent of the strategy.

If Vender dis-concurs a return demand, Purchaser can document a debate.

We urge the Purchaser to survey the posting prior to going with the buy choice. In the event that Purchaser arranges an off-base thing, Purchaser will not be qualified for any return/discount.

Purchaser necessities to raise the return demand inside the return period material to the particular item. Whenever Purchaser has raised a return demand by reaching Us on Our Complementary Number, Dealer while shutting the return ticket can choose one of the accompanying:

Supplant after shipment assortment – Merchant has consented to sit tight for the strategies group to gather the shipment from the purchaser prior to supplanting it

Discount after shipment assortment – Merchant has consented to hang tight for the coordinated operations group to gather the shipment from the purchaser prior to discounting

Discount without shipment assortment – Dealer has consented to discount the purchaser without expecting the first shipment back

Supplant without shipment assortment – Merchant has consented to supplant the request without expecting the first shipment back

In the occasion the Vender acknowledges the return demand raised by the Purchaser, Purchaser should return the item and afterward the discount will be credited to the Purchasers account.

On the off chance that the Merchant doesn’t close the ticket in that frame of mind from the date of insinuation to the Vender about the discount demand, the discount demand will be gotten comfortable blessing of the Purchaser.

Delivering cost for returning the item will be borne and brought about by the Vender.