The Replacement Policy is designed to help Clients who have been duped by potential vendors on the Site. The length of the refund request varies by product line and supplier. If any problem is discovered after shipment and/or within the respective replacement policy period, the purchaser of the product/s may request a substitution from the seller, accordance with the following restrictions and limitations.
1. Report any flaws in the product(s) to the seller at the time of shipping and/or within the refund policy period, and the same merchandise) will be substituted in exchange for the faulty product(s).
2. 2. Replacement could be for the complete product or a section of the product, depending on the vendor’s supply.
The following products are not returnable or replaceable:
• Wrecks caused by product misuse;
• Damage resulting from a product fault;
• Any damage or fault not insured by the manufacturer’s guarantee
• Any product returned without full original packing and accessories, along with the box, company’s packaging if applicable, and all other things that were shipped with the product/s;
• Original packing must be present. The box should be undamaged for things that come in branded packaging.
If has reason to believe or knows that one of its buyers and sellers is engaging in any operation that is aimed at providing claims or information that is completely untrue, deceiving, or not authentic, may remotely disable, restrict, limit, nullify the Display Name of that purchaser and/or disbar that client and any linked clients from using the service, while reserving its rights to pursue civil and/or criminal action against that user.
Ditto Fix maintains the right to pursue legal and/or illegal charge against a user who submits incorrect or untrue statements, or publishes inaccurate, inaccurate, or false facts. Anyone who files a False or misleading Report including false, inaccurate, or false facts with the intent to damage, defraud, or deceive could be guilty of a felony act and may be punished to the maximum extent.
Substitution is the act or process of substituting something with something else. A Purchaser can seek an exchange if he/she is unhappy with the goods for any reason, including damages during shipment, substandard item, lost item(s), incorrect item supplied and so on.
Points to consider:
• Regardless of the policy, the seller can always accept the return.
• Buyer can register a dispute under the Buyer Protection Program* if Seller refuses a return request.
• The buyer must submit a revised proposal during the return period for the product in question.
Once the Buyer has requested a replacement by calling the toll-free number listed on the Website, following are the actions to take once a replacement proposal has been made:
1. The buyer is questioned about the “Reason for Return.” The following are some of the most important reasons:
• The shipment was harmed.
• The item was faulty.
• Arrived with a useless item
• The missing item(s)
• Sent the wrong item
2. A request for “approved” or “denial” of the substitution proposal shall be made to the Seller.
3. If the Seller approves the revised proposal, the Buyer must return the goods to the Seller, and only when the product is returned will the Vendor be obliged to supply the Buyer with the substitute.