Return and Refund Policy* The return/replacement period for all items listed in an exceedingly specific category isn’t always the identical. Please review the merchandise page for the relevant item’s return/replacement policy. Return Period after Delivery or Installation is set by the vendor. Note: If an item is flawed, broken, or not as advertised, you have got a 30-day return period following delivery. If you receive a damaged or faulty goods or one that’s not as stated, you will seek a replacement on the Website/App/Mobile site within the Returns Policy time. the seller will issue a full refund after they receive the replacement if it’s defective/damaged or not as represented on the merchandise page. Processing of Returns If you have got a controversy with a product to procure on, we’ll assist you by confirming and attempting to repair your problem as a part of the return verification procedure. The complaint resolution procedures is also shared with you as self-help, with assistance over the phone, or with a visit from a Ditto fix representative. If the matter isn’t rectified, the seller will arrange for a replacement. If the merchandise is out of stock or has been completely terminated, the vendor will issue a refund for the whole product or component(s) of the merchandise. Pick-up Returns When returning items to a unique address, the address can only be changed provided pick-up service is obtainable at the new location. Your merchandise are going to be inspected for the subsequent conditions upon pick-up. Unbroken Product The item should be in fitness, with no scratches, blemishes, splits, or holes. Packaging is undamaged. The actual packaging/box of the merchandise should be undamaged. Points to be considered: • Regardless of the policy, the vendor can always accept the return. • Buyer can submit a dispute if Seller refuses a return request. • Before making a purchasing choice, we recommend that the customer review the listing. Buyer won’t be eligible to a return or refund if he orders the wrong item. • The buyer must submit a return request within the return period for the merchandise in question. Seller can choose one amongst the subsequent options when closing the ticket once the purchaser has issued a return request by calling us on our Toll-Free Number. • Replacement after package collection – Before replacing the cargo, the vendor has opted to attend for the freight forwarder to gather it from the customer. • Refund after shipment collection – the vendor has agreed to carry the refund until the freight forwarder has collected the cargo from the customer. • Seller has agreed to repay the customer without expecting the first cargo to be returned. • Without expecting the initial shipment back, the vendor has agreed to interchange the order. • If the vendor accepts the Buyer’s return request, the client must return the merchandise, after which the reimbursement are paid to the Buyer’s account. • If the vendor doesn’t close the ticket within three days of receiving notification of the refund request, the refund request are going to be granted to the customer.

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